Lawrence English swoops down on his decorated hang glider to reissue The Peregrine on Room40

Lawrence English swoops down on his decorated hang glider to reissue The Peregrine on Room40

A repetitive and “ominous bird of yore” has gotten all of the celebrity treatment over the past century or so, and it’s finally time for a new avian featherhead to supplant that snide bastard on the deliberately tree-lined red carpet. Harry Potter’s relentlessly classy wizard owl neglected to seize the opportunity with his mostly forgettable movie performance(s), so that really only leaves one option, in Rocky-esque comeback form: the special subject of J.A. Baker’s stupendous mid-century nonfiction book The Peregrine. That fierce and majestic fowl is being re-hoisted by experimental musician and aspiring bird-caller Lawrence English, approximately right now if you’d like to pre-order. Set aside this relevant photo for the time being.

But consider the relevant album in English’s discography. The Peregrine is unabashedly inspired by that eponymous piece of literature, and the original release had a rather limited pressing back in 2011. Now it’s being released on vinyl again thanks to English’s Room40 label, alongside a CD and an inaugural authorized digital version, so you don’t have to worry about that messy vinyl ripping process.

It’s rather drone-y. Maybe you liked last year’s Wilderness of Mirrors?

The Peregrine tracklisting:

01. October 1 - The Hunting Life
02. November 16 - Dead Oak
03. December 24 - Frost’s Bitter
04. January 30 - Grey Lunar Sea
05. February 10 - The Roar Seasing
06. March 16 - Heavy Breath of Silence
07. April 4 - And He Sleeps

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