Le Tigre to reunite with new one-off single

Le Tigre to reunite with new one-off single

Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson’s dance-punk outfit Le Tigre have been more-or-less inactive since 2007 following an extensive farewell tour. But according to an interview between Hanna and Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves for the Talkhouse Music Podcast, the near decade-long hiatus is about to be suspended, at least temporarily.

During the podcast, Hanna remarked that the band found their way into the studio recently to record a new track that is likely to make its appearance in “early-to-mid October.” The singer also revealed the track has been planned as a one-off, so any further touring or recording arrangements appear to be out of the question for now.

Although it took them a few years to disband, Le Tigre last released studio material in 2004 with their third album, This Island. On the other hand, Hanna’s recently revived project The Julie Ruin just released a record, Hit Reset, in July of this year, so clearly she’s in some kind of revival mood.

Watch the full Talkhouse Podcast with Hanna and Graves below, and hear them discuss the Le Tigre news near the 15:10 mark:

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