L’Eclair share EXCLUSIVE new “crunchy house disco” track “Castor MacDavid” from the upcoming album Sauropoda

L’Eclair share EXCLUSIVE new “crunchy house disco” track “Castor MacDavid” from the upcoming album Sauropoda

You know the old saying, “Anything you can do, I can do better?” Well, it’s largely bullshit. I, for one, can’t do anything better than ANYONE (couch-sitting, possibly; but you’re not going to read about my sedentary exploits on this site anytime soon). When it comes to le groove sexy and les aventures psychédéliques, though, the Swiss can’t-miss combo L’Eclair does it better than EVERYONE. On May 24, the sensational septet will out-do everyone with the release of their Sauropoda album on boss Brooklyn label Beyond Beyond is Beyond. And just to prove the point, we have an EXCLUSIVE premiere of their new track “Castor MacDavid.”

Speaking of the track, L’Eclair say they were “aiming for a good old disco feel,” but what came out was something quite a bit less polished. “We call it crunchy house disco, but call it whatever you’d like. Just play it loud and boogie.” Folks, that doesn’t sound like a suggestion.

While you blast the track, check out the suitably eye-popping visuals by banditbandeau below (who describes the video as, “it’s like the munchies when you don’t have food, a video about microscopes and the end of the world”), as well as the album tracklisting and some forthcoming Euro shows. Sauropoda pre-orders can be found here.

As no one, anywhere, says anymore: “Just DO it!”

Sauropoda tracklisting:

01. Still Steeve
02. Endless Dave
03. Castor MacDavid
04. Suite No. 2
05. Parapluie Bulgare

Upcoming shows:

05.11.19 - Dijon, France - Festival MV, Le Consortium #
05.18.19 - Paris, France - Le Beau Festival, Le Trabendo $
05.25-26.19 - Kirchberg, Luxembourg, Food for Your Senses Festival
05.30.19 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival
06.13.19 - Geneva, Switzerland - Kalvingrad-Usine %

# The Chap, Perilymph
$ Thurston Moore (solo), HAHA Sounds Collective, Luis Ake, Domotic, Pantin Plage (DJ set)
% Derya Yildirim, Grup Şimşek

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