Lee Gamble announces KOCH, an electronic album for America’s wealthy elite

Lee Gamble announces KOCH, an electronic album for America's wealthy elite

Much like the Greek god of the same name, PAN (the record label) is fucking slammin’. Unlike the Hellenic deity, label boss Bill Kouligas isn’t half-goat, but instead has a predilection for putting out killer electronic records. You do you, Bill.

Come September 12, PAN continues its streak of greatness with the release of KOCH, a new double LP from Lee Gamble (though if I personally had a name like Lee Gamble I would call the album Roll the Dice — feel free to use it for the B-sides and rarities, Lee). Some of you may remember Gamble as the guy behind the hollowed-out jungle music of 2012’s Diversions 1994-1996 and the wandering techno of last year’s Dutch Tvashar Plumes; KOCH meets halfway in between, with lush textures and thunderous beats taking turns consuming each other like some kind of aural ouroborus. And as I (a seasoned music blogger and the furthest thing from a pharmaceutical technician you could possibly imagine) just read that description, I gotta say, you should pull a Richard D. James Album and simultaneously ingest an Adderall and an Ambien before listening to this. Just kidding, I would hate for something to happen to you and have us lose the page views. Whoa — I even surprised myself with that ending!

I’m going to step up and extend an apology: as a peace offering, peep album opener “Untitled Reversion” here, courtesy of the kind folks at The Wire.

KOCH tracklist:

01. Untitled Reversion
02. Motor System
03. You Concrete
04. Nueme
05. Oneiric Contur
06. Head Model
07. HMix
08. Frame Drag
09. Voxel City Spirals
10. Yehudi Lights Over Tottenham
11. Jove Layup
12. Ornith-Mimik
13. Caudata
14. Flatland
15. Gillsman
16. 6EQUJ5-7

• Lee Gamble: http://soundcloud.com/leegamble
• PAN: http://p-a-n.org

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