Lee Gamble to release enormous three-part album, er…documentary…or trio…or something? on Hyperdub

Lee Gamble to release enormous three-part album, er…documentary...or trio...or something? on Hyperdub
Lee Gamble, moments after anointing himself with a signature hat (Photo: Sarah Ginn)

Oh Lee Gamble, what will you think of next? Why can’t you just stay in your box? So many people are happy with the bloodstained title of “UK Producer.” Why not you? Whomever you are trying to impress, are your brilliantly glitchy records under 45 minutes and your mindbending record label not enough for them?

I GUESS NOT. You weren’t just happy to have an album on Hyperdub. You had to have a three-part “album” instead: something called Flush Real Pharynx — something that is described as a “triptych sonic documentary” that “loosely explores three stages of the ‘Semioblitz,’ the aggressive onslaught of visual & sonic stimuli of contemporary cities & virtual spaces.” Sure!

In addition, your new album — or documentary, or WHATEVER it is! — kicks off with its first installment, a seven-track EP entitled In a Paraventral Scale, on February 1. And, in your typical fashion, it “exposes us to a new type of digital theater, a unique and futuristic filmic world blurring the distinction between non-musical sound, music and dance floor, a push and pull between reality and fictional worlds.”

At least you’ve given us an iddy-biddy taste of what’s to come; although the beatless track streaming below, “Many Gods, Many Angels,” certainly leaves your high pressure electro out of the mix. Maybe you’re thinking that this awesome animation, done by Clifford Sage, will help encourage us to pre-order this anterior EP. And, well, I guess you’re right. You’re always right, Lee. You’re always right.

In A Paraventral Scale tracklisting:

01. Fata Morgana
02. Folding
03. Moscow
04. BMW Shuanghuan X5
05. Chant
06. In The Wreck Room
07. Many Gods, Many Angels

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