Let’s get metaphysical, physical: Celebration release Electric Tarot project

Let's get metaphysical, physical: Celebration release Electric Tarot project

Oh man, you guys have no idea what an effort it has taken me to not start this story off with some asinine phrase like “Celebration are laying their cards on the table with this new release” or “Let’s get metaphysical” or some other crap like… oh, too late, I guess. Sorry. Seriously. A commercial took over my body and started typing slogans. Celebration’s Electric Tarot project is one of the cooler things I’ve heard about in recent memory, and it deserves better. (I can’t say coolEST, because those little frogs that live in pitcher plants are pretty amazing, you can’t deny that.)

The thing is, Celebration has left 4AD and hooked up with Baltimore’s Friends Records to release nine free digital tracks over the course of the year that will be compiled near the end of 2010 into a free digital LP and a not-free physical LP entitled Hello Paradise. Each song of this Electric Tarot project represents a different card in the deck. (Every time I read that it blows my mind again. Tarot + Celebration = AMAZING.) Friends Records also plans on releasing cassettes with material from Celebration, although info on tape release dates has not yet been announced.

• Celebration: http://celebrationelectrictarot.com
• Friends: http://www.friendsrecordsbaltimore.com

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