Liars announce sequel to TFCF, hopefully it’s more of an Aliens situation than a xXx: State of the Union one

Liars announce sequel to TFCF, hopefully it's more of an Aliens situation than a xXx: State of the Union one
Photo: Zen Sekizawa

While each and every day that passes makes it seem less and less likely that Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money will ever see the light of day, at least there’s one upcoming sequel to get excited about. Liars have announced TFCF 2: Still TF and CF’ing It Titles With The Word Fountain, their ninth studio album and sequel to last year’s TFCF.

While the songs were recorded during the same sessions as TFCF, please, do not think of Titles With The Word Fountain as some sort of rarities and outtakes collection. According to Angus Andrew, now in his second album as sole member of Liars, “I chose the songs that appear on TFCF based on how well they addressed the trauma of a failed creative relationship, whereas the material on Titles With The Word Fountain is more playful despite revolving around the same sentiments.” See? The new album takes the familiar sentiments of its predecessor, and plays with them to tell a new story that aims to be — while part of a whole — fresh and interesting on it’s own. A true sequel!

Hear for yourself by listening to “Murdrum,” fresh from Titles With The Word Fountain, down below…which is where you can also check out the album’s artwork and full 17 song tracklisting (looks like we’ve got a real The Godfather: Part II on our hands.) All the above being said about the album being its own thing, Titles With The Word Fountain will be packaged with TFCF and released digitally and on cassette via Mute on September 21, with a limited edition — very limited edition — release on green vinyl to come on November 2. Pre-order the album in any format you desire here.

Titles With The Word Fountain

01. 97 Tears
02. Face In Ski Mask Bodies To The Wind
03. Murdrum
04. Pure Context
05. Double Elegy
06. Left’s Got Power Right Hasn’t
07. Past Future Split
08. P/A\M
09. Fantail Creeps
10. Perky Cut
11. Feed The Truth
12. Gawking At The Accident
13. Absence Blooms
14. Extracts From The Seated Sequence
15. On Giving Up
16. Sound Of Burning Rubbish
17. A Kind Of Stopwatch
(The digital version features an 18th track, “No Help Pamphlet (The Alpha Ceti Orchestra Remix),” which originally appeared on TFCF)

Oh yeah, here’s some Liars Australian tour dates too!

09.27.18 – Melbourne, Australia – The Curtin
09.28.18– Melbourne, Australia – ACMI Late Nights
09.29.18 – Surry Hills, Australia – Oxford Art Factory
09.30.18 – Wollongong, Australia – Yours & Owls Festival

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