Light In The Attic to release collection of unreleased Lee Hazlewood recordings

Light In The Attic to release collection of unreleased Lee Hazlewood recordings

Lee Hazlewood was all-caps COOL. Imagine an uglier Robert Redford playing Butch Cassidy playing a professional songwriter. Mustache? Check. Nancy Sinatra? Check. Duane Eddy? Check. Moving to Sweden? Check. These are cool things!

You know what’s not cool? Not many new Lee Hazlewood songs since he DIED in ‘07. But hark: Good news on that front!

Lee’s would be 90 soon (again: if he weren’t dead), and in honor of the occasion, Light in the Attic is issuing a set of his unreleased recordings.

The collection’s called 400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56, and it’s out September 13. It compiles a set of early demos predating Hazlewood’s success as a producer and (occasional, eccentric) hitmaker. This is Hazlewood unvarnished, pre-mustache and pre-fame. Song titles alluding to buses and trains abound, evidence of the songwriter’s then-habit of riding Greyhounds back and forth from Arizona to LA to peddle his songs.

The fine folks at Light in the Attic evidently have a pretty severe collective case of Lee Hazlewood-ism, as evidenced by a long list of Hazlewood reissues and compilations in the label’s back catalog. Peruse their other Hazlewood here.

The record comes in CD, LP, MP3, and exclusive bundle flavors, with the latter including such deluxe knick knacks as gold vinyl (GOOOLLLLDDDD!), a shot glass, and “Labels of Lee” coasters. Pre-order 400 Miles from LA here, in all of its manifold versions, and check out the tracklist below. (You’ll note Lee’s youth at the time didn’t stop him from recording a song called “The Old Man and His Guitar.”)

400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56 tracklisting:

01. Cross Country Bus
02. The Woman I Love
03. Five Thousand and One
04. Lonesome Day
05. A Lady Called Blues
06. Five More Miles to Folsom
07. Fort Worth
08. The Old Man and His Guitar
09. Peculiar Guy
10. Long Black Train
11. I Guess It’s Love
12. It’s An Actuality
13. Buying On Time
14. The Country Bus Tune
15. Long Black Train
16. Run Boy Run
17. Big Joe Slade
18. Son of a Gun
19. Georgia Chain Gang
20. Look At That Woman
21. Peculiar Guy
22. The Railroad Song
23. Six Feet of Chain
24. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

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