Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and Sun Ra Arkestra to perform for free in a Times Square movie theater (they were invited)

Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and Sun Ra Arkestra to perform for free in a Times Square movie theater (they were invited)

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimes Square!!!! Even those of us who haven’t visited are practically versed on the experience: tons of lights and people and advertisements…and every New Year’s Eve, 2 million people presumably born without bladders or colons crossing a painful-yet-memorable event off their unofficial (and unoriginal) bucket lists.

Yes, Times Square is arguably the tourist capital of the United States, but for three outrageous nights during the upcoming Interference AV event —sponsored by Times Square Arts and Clocktower Productions — a taste of the avant-garde will infringe upon the usual comfort tang and heartburn brought on by the nearby Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant. The event takes place February 19-21 at the AMC Empire 25 cineplex; and no bluffing, if you hadn’t read the title of this article, you’d probably be assuming a marathon of indie films featuring flamboyant, cattle-herding gentlemen eating pudding, right??

On the contrary, Interference AV is indeed something of a music festival, with performances from Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and Sun Ra Arkestra taking place inside the theater, while visuals from “experimental video collective” Undervolt & Co. complement the proceedings, courtesy of music triggers that otherwise “leave a lot of space for improvisation and live effects,” according to Undervolt artist Sabrina Ratté. Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and Sun Ra Arkestra are each headlining one of the three nights, with opening acts TBA in the relatively near future. I’ve never been to a concert in a movie theater before!

Oh, also: Interference AV is FREE, so don’t worry about tickets. Just head here for times and directions. Also, check out our review of Jlin’s latest album Black Origami, which was one of our favorites for 2017.

Gee, I hate to say it but…you know what? So far, 2018 is lookin’ allllllright.

Interference AV headliner schedule:

02.19.18 - Jlin
02.20.18 - Lightning Bolt
02.21.18 - The Sun Ra Arkestra

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