Lil Bibby announces Free Crack 2, confirming rumors that he is the most generous dealer out there

Lil Bibby announces Free Crack 2, confirming rumors that he is the most generous dealer out there

Anyone who has ever dealt drugs (or, in my case, has watched The Wire) knows that a good strategy for building a customer base is free samples. Everyone loves free samples. You know it, I know it, drug dealers know it, Costco knows it. You get customers in, you get them hooked on your product, then you jack up the price. It’s textbook stuff. So it was no great shock when Lil Bibby, one of Chicago rap’s recent luminaries, dropped his excellent Free Crack mixtape late last year. He was looking to get us hooked, and against our better judgment we played right into his hand. Ever since we’ve anxiously waited with a stack of bills in our trembling hand for the moment when we can get some new Bibby.

But now, with the announcement of a second mixtape, it seems the 20-year-old rapper may not be out to manipulate us like so many skeevy dudes in knock-off Peruvian sweaters. Free Crack 2 is set to drop on August 29 (this Friday!) and features guest appearances by Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Lil Herb, T.I., and Kevin Gates, as well as production from Bangledesh, DJ L, C Note, and more. Could it be that Lil Bibby is in fact just a generous guy looking to spread his product to anyone who would be so inclined as to take it? Or is he trying to instill an even more severe need for it, setting us up for when he drops his $1,000 album? Only time will tell. Until then let’s all just keep quiet and enjoy it. Listen to “For the Low Pt. 2” and check the tracklist below.

Free Crack 2 tracklist:

01. Birdman Intro
02. Can I Have Your Attention
03. For the Low Pt. 2 (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J)
04. Game Over (feat. Lil Herb)
05. I Love to Hustle
06. Dead or in Prison
07. Montana (feat. Juicy J)
08. Can I Get
09. Ace and Lulu
10. Boy (feat. T.I.)
11. I Be On It
12. What You Live For
13. Ace, Rico, & Calvin
14. We Are Strong (feat. Kevin Gates)
15. Tomorrow
16. Bonus Track
17. Bonus Track

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