Lil Pump preps Harvard Dropout mixtape because money

Lil Pump preps Harvard Dropout mixtape because money

If your meme rap track has millions of streams, you don’t need an Ivy League degree to know that you should probably capitalize on that momentum. Immediately. I mean, how often do meme rappers outlast their 15 minutes of fame? Someone commission a top-level statistical analysis from some top-flight economists, please, but I’d bet Fetty and Rich Homie Quan, for example, are just about done, relics of an internet age that moves impossibly fast, a time when last year’s news might as well be last decade’s.

So Pump might not have much in the way of conventional talent — don’t @ me — but at least he knows to strike while the iron is hot, when superfans are saying “Gucci Gang” a million times on YouTube (for charity, of course) and even my mom is saying “Esketit!!!!” when she’s excited. So here he comes — hair inspired by this classic Tim and Eric sketch — with an announcement of a mixtape called Harvard Dropout (which, let it be said, is fairly unoriginal territory, like his inspiration extends no further than a Kanye-Rivers Cuomo-Lil B triumverate), expected to drop soon.

Look, in reality, I’ve got nothing on Lil Pump. My music career until now has been by most measures an abject failure. My clout levels are 0 compared to this 17-year-old Floridian’s. So maybe I’m bitter, and maybe Harvard Dropout is going to be…great?

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