Little-Known Post-Punk Band The Lines Gets Reissue Treatment; Aging Goths Around The Nation Celebrate

You look through the shelves of your post-punk music collection. You pull out record after record -- Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, The Cure -- but you just cannot find what you are looking for. You're in a rut. You love these bands, but you're searching for something different. Something more. Something so cultish, so obscure that you will be able to impress the most arrogant record store nerds and closet goth music bloggers. You know you're missing something, but what could it be?

Acute Records has the answer! It's The Lines, a little-known UK group who played alongside bands like those mentioned above, but never really achieved any popular acclaim. Featuring members of prag Vec and Alternative TV, The Lines lasted from 1978 to 1983, never aligning themselves with any movement or scene. They released five singles, one EP, and two LPs, but never made the big $$$.

But now, coming May 27, 2008, you will be able to experience The Lines' mixture of Wire, Mission of Burma, and The Feelies for yourself via the Acute reissue entitled Memory Span. Don't miss out! This could be your best chance to outsnob a record clerk this spring!

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