Load Records plans LP release of Timeghost’s Cellular for March 17

Load Records plans LP release of Timeghost's Cellular for March 17

Listen, I’m a well-known fan of ghosts of every stripe, so if something comes up in the ole TMT news queue with even a hint of ghostliness about it, I’m going to snap it up like the greedy toddler that, in many ways, I kind of am. So you can imagine that when I saw news of the March 17 LP release of Timeghost’s Cellular via Load Records I was all over it. I clicked that reserve button so hard that I broke my mouse, had to call IT to replace my mouse, had to explain to IT what I was doing when I broke the mouse, and ultimately had to submit to anger management counseling per HR’s recommendation even though I wasn’t even angry I was just excited. All of that brings us pretty much up to the present, so let’s do a paragraph break.

Timeghost is the solo work of Providence, Rhode Island’s Adam Morosky. Active since 2008, Morosky’s work blends modular synth work with found sound samples and spoken word overlays into something pulsing, skittering, and stark. Morosky actually previously self-released Cellular on CD, and Chondritic Sound put the album out on tape, but this is its first LP edition. Limited to 300 copies, it comes with a laser-cut LP sleeve and “well considered silkscreened wrappers.” It’s available to order right now from the Load site, and you can check out album opener “Cellular Automata” below:

Cellular tracklist:

01. Cellular Automata
02. Phantom Ring
03. Dissection Theater
04. Delicate Resonances
05. Uber Orgone
06. Intrusion
07. On Airs Waters, & Places
08. Gaia

• Timeghost: https://www.facebook.com/timeghostelectronics
• Load: http://www.loadrecords.com

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