Locrian announce brief East Coast tour, including stop at Hopscotch

Locrian announce brief East Coast tour, including stop at Hopscotch

Chicago’s Locrian have just announced that they will take the diminished tonic chord that is at their very core on a tour of the East Coast this September. This announcement does not arrive without its fair share of struggle, however. Throughout the tour-scheduling process, the band was once again beset by the tonal hangups of a litany of very real and very devout venue owners who find the diminished fifth, or augment fourth, which forms the cornerstone of the band’s musical identity, to be “fundamentally evil.”

Carlton Sparburger, a real human being who also owns a mid-sized venue in Connecticut, was quoted as saying, “This is definitely something that I and a lot of real people are actually concerned about. And I’m not just saying this because I am an invented character in a glib music news post on the internet. No siree, Bob!” Against these odds, the band did manage to schedule a brief jaunt through the month of September, including a performance at Hopscotch Festvial. They were even featured on the website of a well-respected, if difficult to pronounce, musical instrument manufacturer to boot!

All of this hullabaloo (if you’ll excuse the informality) comes in the wake of the group’s most recent album, Infinite Dissolution, which came out July 24 via Relapse Records. It’s available via Bandcamp.


09.10.2015 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery !
09.11.2015 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot and Saddle @
09.12.2015 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Day Party #
09.13.2015 - Richmond, VA - TBA
09.14.2015 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus $

! Barbelith, Birth (Defects), Curse
@ Sannhet, Planning For Burial
# Vattnet Viskar, MAKE, The Hem Of His Garment
$ Insect Ark

• Locrian: http://www.locrianband.com
• Relapse Records: http://www.relapse.com

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