Lolina (Inga Copeland) collaborates with Scratcha DVA on new CD Lolin’ & Scratchin’

Lolina (Inga Copeland) collaborates with Scratcha DVA on new CD Lolin' & Scratchin'

Inga Copeland has a habit of releasing music without press releases and self-laudatory Facebook posts, so it’s perhaps no surprise that her project as Lolina — whose newest album, Live in Paris, saw her surrounded by a London-themed Monopoly board — has quietly released a new CD. It’s called Lolin’ & Scratchin’, and it finds her collaborating with Hyperdub mainstay Scratcha DVA.

Bus Editions’s release page attests to the fact that Lolin’ & Scratchin’ features a collaboration between the two, but the label reports that the CD also consists of a “mix including live performances” at De School in Amsterdam. It’s available for purchase right here. (Don’t ask us how we stumbled upon this webpage that seemingly pays homage to the Angelfire/Geocities sites of the early World Wide Web days.)

No idea how many of these CDs are available, so go on. And don’t forget that DVA himself has a new album that was released earlier this month on Hyperdub.

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