Lolina releases The Smoke on vinyl, and you better believe we are going to post about it

Lolina releases The Smoke on vinyl, and you better believe we are going to post about it

For regular readers of the online music and film webzine Tiny Mix Tapes, our feelings on The Smoke — Lolina’s latest album released earlier this year — are well known. But, for the sake of any newbies out there, here’s an all-caps exclamation to sum things up: WE LOVE THIS ALBUM.

The Smoke has received a five red circles review (high praise), been given a “EUREKA!” designation (higher praise), and landed a spot on our list of favorite releases from the first quarter of 2018 (self-explanatory, it’s a list of favorites). Basically: TMT <3 The Smoke.

All of which is why we’re now dedicating an entire post to announcing that The Smoke — previously only available in the easy-to-store and relocate-in-case-you-move-apartments digital format — is receiving a release on vinyl!

Unfortunately, the vinyl appears to have already sold out on Lolina’s Bandcamp. Fortunately though, there seem to be a handful of other outlets with the vinyl up for pre-order, including Boomkat, Bleep, Norman Records, and apparently FYE (though it’s not certain how legit that is, as they have the release date down as June 15, whereas the other three have it as either later this week or next).

If you can’t order The Smoke on vinyl through them however, at least you can still stream it down below and purchase a Funko Pop! figure of Weird Al from the “Fat” music video. The internet is truly a wonderland of e-commerce transactions just waiting to be made.

The Smoke tracklisting:

01. Roulette
02. Fake City, Real City
03. Style and Punishment
04. The River
05. The Missing Evidence
06. A Path Of Weeds And Flowers
07. Murder
08. Betrayal

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