Loren Connors plans reissue of Airs with Sean McCann’s Recital

Loren Connors plans reissue of Airs with Sean McCann's Recital

In 1999, I was living in a llama farm that had been converted from a bed and breakfast. I was in fifth grade. Loren Connors was releasing Airs and I had no idea. I was too busy taping Nirvana songs off the radio. In the nearly 16 years since then, a bunch of things have happened. I heard Airs; I became obsessed with Airs; Connors released a bunch of other music; a few llamas have probably died; Sean McCann’s Recital imprint decided to reissue Airs; I picked this story out of the TMT news queue because I really love Airs. That pretty much brings us to the present.

Airs is a gentle thing. It’s a collection of short, lyrical electric guitar pieces that flow together, passing melodies back and forth in a haze. Connors is a master, and unless you’ve been living on a llama farm your whole life, you probably don’t need me to tell you that. Recital’s reissue comes from a new transfer of the original four-track cassettes, and it’s mastered by Taylor Dupree. It includes a new “lost” track that was found during the transfer process. Arriving in an edition of 520 and including liner notes by Matt Krefting and an 11” x 11” art insert of a print from Connors’ Sea Storm series, it’s available for pre-order right now, with the LP scheduled to ship in late February. Don’t sleep.

Airs tracklist:

01. Airs 1
02. Airs 2
03. Airs 3
04. Airs 4
05. Airs 5
06. Airs 6
07. Airs 7
08. Airs 8
09. Airs (Lost Track)
10. Airs 9
11. Airs 10
12. Airs 11
13. Airs 12
14. Airs 13
15. Airs 17
16. Airs 18
17. The Death of Shelley

• Loren Connors: http://www.fvrec.com/lorenconnors
• Recital: http://www.recitalprogram.com

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