Loren Connors announces new album of guitar anti-shredding on Family Vineyard

Loren Connors announces new album of guitar anti-shredding on Family Vineyard

Oh, hallelujah! This is one SERIOUSLY HOLY tinymixtapes.com music-news parable. It’s all about about the prodigal, atmospheric, avant-blues guitarist Loren Connors, who, after 10 years spent gallivanting around and working on whichever musical endeavors he damn-well felt like working on and releasing, has finally seen the light and decided to return to his acclaimed The Departing of a Dream album series. (In case you were wondering, Vol. IV was released in 2006 as a brief piece included on the retrospective album Night Through: Singles & Collected Works 1976-2004.)

His divinely-inspired new record, The Departing of a Dream Vol. V, has come to earth in the form of a “10-inch mini-album and digital release” on Connors’s usual home base, the fatherly and forgiving Family Vineyard label.

Initially begun as a loose-ish tribute to the legendarily badass Miles Davis track “He Loved Him Madly,” Vol. V finds Connors digging even further into that abyss “to explore melody as a slow-moving spectrum of shades projected against a fragile, often decaying ambiance,” while coaxing willfully horn-like and “complex blues mutations and wide swathes of distant vibrating tones” from his godly axe. The release is currently available via Family Vineyard.

While you’re waiting for it to arrive, you can always gorge yourself on some of the dulcet, fluttery strains excerpted from “Part One” down below. But remember: gluttony is one of those pesky seven deadly sins.

The Departing of a Dream Vol. V tracklisting:

01. Part One (13:29)
02. Part Two (8:58)

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