Los Campesinos! go on tour this June, wash it all down with a Bud bigger than all of us

Los Campesinos! go on tour this June, wash it all down with a Bud bigger than all of us

Do you watch television? Perhaps you’ve seen that Budweiser commercial featuring Los Campesinos!’ “You! Me! Dancing!”? If not, let me recap. To the song’s swelling guitars, a man, age 24-28, walks into a seemingly popular bar. He catches the attention of the bartender, a burly man age 38-44. The bartender stares into the man’s eyes, before sinking his fingers into the presumed customer’s eye and mouth holes. From there, he pulls out an enormous Budweiser from the man’s inners. Glockenspiels go crazy nuts as he pours beer into the mouths of a thousand dead-eyed souls. It’s you! It’s me! And it’s dancing!

Bolstered by their millions of dollars, not to mention the nightmare points that run their dark hearts, the Los Campesinos! family band are going on a US tour this June. They will hit a series of East Coast and Midwest dates, in which they will play the immortal beer tributes from last year’s Hello Sadness (TMT Review). Some bands travel the world in a van or a bus, maybe even a plane. Los Campesinos! travel on top of the endless beer wave. Legend has it that the beer wave is made of pure Budweiser. The legend is wrong. There’s some Bud Light in there, too.

Los Campesinos! dates:

06.16.12 - St. Louis, MO - Plush
06.17.12 - Louisville, KY - Headliner’s
06.19.12 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
06.20.12 - Richmond, VA - The National
06.21.12 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s
06.22.12 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
06.23.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
06.24.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox
06.26.12 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
06.27.12 - Raleigh, NC - Cat’s Cradle
06.28.12 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
06.29.12 - Orlando, FL - Beachman Theatre
06.30.12 - Miami, FL - Bardot

• Los Campesinos!: http://www.loscampesinos.com
• Arts & Crafts: http://www.arts-crafts.ca

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