Lotic announces debut album & single, makes squares uncomfortable

Lotic announces debut album & single, makes squares uncomfortable
Power cover art (sorry again, squares)

For some reason, whispering is really creepy. Long ago, horror movie producers realized they could combine this most natural of human vocal abilities with any number of unsettling images (identical twins, clowns in sewers, masked serial killers) to make us recoil in dark theaters (or, more contemporarily, on our couches). Why shouldn’t the same apply to music? I remember hearing PJ Harvey’s “Down By the Water” on some indie radio station way back during the formative years, and boy did that give me the chills.

Lotic’s new track “Hunted” evokes a similar feeling, albeit through the mangled electronics for which the Berlin-based producer has become known. The vocals, along with developed production capabilities, crystallize Lotic’s sound moving forward.

Their forthcoming debut album, Powerout July 13 on Tri Angle — came out of the difficulties of losing an apartment in Berlin. Without a home, music became sporadic; but through the art form, Lotic found their vocal direction. And of no small importance is the fucking FIERCE cover (pictured above). Credit where credit’s due: photo by Matt Lambert, styling by Rich Aybar, clothes designed by Iris Van Herpen.

Power tracklisting:

01. Love and Light
02. Hunted
03. Bulletproof
04. Distribution of Care
05. The Warp and the Weft
06. Resilience
07. Fragility
08. Nerve
09. Heart
10. Power
11. Solace
12. Burn a Print*

*vinyl edition only

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