Lucrecia Dalt has a new album called Ou, out soon on Care Of Editions

Lucrecia Dalt has a new album called Ou, out soon on Care Of Editions

Just this Tuesday I was driving home from work, nodding on with Commotus and thinking to myself, “Yo, when’s Lucrecia gonna drop another LP on us?” Seriously. No joke. That happened, and now this is happening: Lucrecia Dalt has just announced she’s dropping another album on us. It’s a follow up to last year’s How Can We Be Otherwsie? and will likely join Syzgy in my regular drive home rotation.

Let’s talk about it, friend. It’s called Ou, and it’s out December 8. It’s reportedly something of a departure form her work up until now. Described as more “filmic,” she apparently turned the recording studio into a bit of a cinema, showing New German Cinema films by the likes of Helke Sander and Werner Schroeter. The resultant LP finds her voice taking less of a center stage, consisting of four pieces with multiple “companion titles” drifting together in a “spatial, mix-like composition.” And the whole thing is out on Care of Editions, a record label that actually pays listeners to download their music with funds generated from vinyl sales. Read about the label’s experimental business model here or here (PDF) for more information, and you can explain it to me on AIM later. Until then, be sure to check out the stream of the LP’s third track “FLOTO,” which I’ve embedded below.

Ou tracklist:

01. OVER UNITY (Montic Voice / Taquión)
02. IOT (Roto / Quebrado / Suelto)
03. FLOTO (Diamagnet / Cae / Cathexis)

[Photo: Udo Siegfriedt]

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