Luna reunite after 10 years for Spanish tour

Luna reunite after 10 years for Spanish tour

The much-loved 90s band Luna has just announced a reunion tour for 2015. The US indie four-piece will reconvene for the first time in a decade to play several shows in Spain next year. More details are yet to surface, but they have so far confirmed seven dates in mid-to-late April, covering big cities like Madrid and Valencia, as well as medium-sized destinations. Barcelona is conspicuously left off the list, which probably means Luna will be visiting the Catalan capital during the festival season — a good sign that there may be more shows in the works. Let’s just say we’d be very surprised if Luna restricts their reunion tour to Cádiz and Zaragoza.

Luna was founded by Galaxie 500’s Dean Wareham in 1991, with its latest/current lineup also including Britta Philips, Lee Wall, and Sean Eden. An indie supergroup of sorts, given that the band’s earliest incarnation featured The Feelies’ Stan Demeski and The Feel’s Justin Harwood, Luna remained active until 2005, garnering critical acclaim and a handful of loyal fans. The band released seven albums during their tenure, some very much in the The Velvet Underground tradition of NY rock, others tinted with a sun-drenched romanticism reminiscent of classic West Coast pop rock. The band’s reunited lineup was active from 1999 to their dissolution in 2005.

Although Luna broke up on quite amicable terms, their reunion is rather unexpected. Last summer, they had been seen hanging out in casual pictures posted to the various members’ social media profiles, but no buzz of a reunion was created. Yet, just a couple of years ago, Wareham and Philips toured the Galaxie 500 catalogue. Moreover, in some promotional interviews, Wareham suggested that he had reached a stage in his career where he was willing to try new and old things alike, just for the sake of being able to do them. His first solo LP from last year was understood to be a step in such a direction, and perhaps bringing back the old band for a short Spanish tour is the next one.

Check out the currently confirmed Luna reunion tour dates below.

04.17.15 - Gijón, SP - Gijón Sound Festival
04.18.15 - Santander - Escenario Santander
04.20.15 - Madrid - Teatro Lara
04.21.15 - Cádiz - Aulario la Bomba
04.22.15 - Valencia - La Rambleta
04.24.15 - Zaragoza - Centro de Las Armas
04.25.15 - San Sebastián - Intxaurrondo

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