Mac Miller announces new album GO:OD AM, debuts video

Mac Miller announces new album GO:OD AM, debuts video

Whoa. This is totally freaky, because I was literally JUST WONDERING when Pennsylvania’s ONLY living rapper (Benjamin Franklin presumably dabbled, but he died a little while back) Mac Miller was planning on releasing his first new album after signing to Warner Bros. last year. And then: blam-blaugh! Along comes Complex with the spittin’-rooibos-tea-all-over-my-Chromebook news that Miller had not only announced that the new album was completed a week or so ago via his Twitter, but also that it has a title and a release date! I’m, like, seriously freaked the FREAK out right now, y’all!

The album is called GO:OD AM and is officially comin’ at us on September 18, after which there will be a whole crazy parade of tour dates and whatnot. Citing an interview Miller did with radio station Hot 97 (the video of which has since been removed I guess?), Complex reports how, when pressed for more details about the lineup, our 21st-century reincarnation of Ben Franklin seemed to be “not sure exactly who is confirmed and who’s not,” before going on to eloquently espouse the following gold:

Look, I’ma tell you where my focus has been, baby. My focus has been on making classics, the best that I can. Making music the best that I know how to. Getting everything right for the people, I am a man of the people…All I did for two-and-a-half years—everyone’s like, ‘Where you been? Where you been?’—it was just me in this room with the door closed making music.

Either way, I’m going to embed the video for the album’s first single, “100 Grandkids,” because that’s just how this news-post stuff works. Feel free to watch and listen — hang out here as long as you want. Just going to sit here stunned by my own odd bit of clairvoyance for a while… after which I’ll probably smoke some weed or somethin’, I don’t know.

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