Macintosh Plus’s quintessential vaporwave release Floral Shoppe is being issued on vinyl

Macintosh Plus's quintessential vaporwave release Floral Shoppe is being issued on vinyl

Are you alone? Have you cleared your cache? 

We at TMT Corp ask that you sit down, because this is the news story you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

On September 25, Olde English Spelling Bee will release a vinyl edition of Macintosh Plus’s landmark vaporwave album, Floral Shoppe. The album, created by Ramona Vektroid, was begging for a re-release, as its original cassette version — issued in December 2011 on Beer On The Rug — has been sold on Discogs for ridiculous, Eccojams-like sums.

Despite many fantastic releases from her that year, Vektroid’s Floral Shoppe is by far her most well-known. It had an especially large impact on Tiny Mix Tapes, having made it to our mid-year list in 2012 (before the term “vaporwave” was even being used by many its own “creators”) and eventually landing at #6 on our 2012 year-end list. From the latter’s blurb: “Floral Shoppe slid seamlessly between pure pop pleasure and the ironic framing of that pleasure, the presence of the artist at turns barely noticeable and dramatically foregrounded. This is the sound of a kind of sensuous virtuality, the artist as simulacra, both the experience and problematization of the post-human, a new cyber-pop unconscious.”

Pre-order the vinyl version of Floral Shoppe at Olde English’s Bandcamp. It’s pressed on bubblegum pink vinyl (of course) and comes with a 22 x 22” full color poster. For the good ol’ fashioned digital version, stream here:

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