Madlib and DOOM reunite to wreak havok with “Avalanche” and an action figure

Madlib and DOOM reunite to wreak havok with "Avalanche" and an action figure

Holy Madlib and DOOM reunion, Batman! Madlib and DOOM have reunited! Why, we haven’t seen this dastardly duo together since their Madvillain team-up in 2004! Remember? They’ve since tried to come at us in various forms on their own, but never more effectively than when they were together onMadvillain.

Seems like their latest scheme to indoctrinate America’s youth is with “Avalanche,” a hypnotizing concoction Madlib has teased us with in the past, but never fully acted on. And the treachery doesn’t end there! Madlib and DOOM are actually selling a 7-inch of this “Avalanche” via Madlib Invazion as a package deal with a Madvillain action figure! Those fiends! Entice the youth of America with a rare collectible, and they can’t help but fall victim to your music! Wait, what’s that sound?

Oh no. What’s, what’s happening to me? Can’t. Stop. Bobbing my head. Damn Madlib and his grooves! Damn DOOM and his wordplay! The 7-inch and action figure package aren’t even due out until February of 2017, but it’s too late. We’re too late. Madvillain is back.

Is this the end of our heroes? Is “Avalanche” a one-off, or is it a portend to a Madvillainy sequel? Are you reading this in a William Dozier voice? Answers to some these questions, and more, next time on: TINY MIX TAPES.

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