You are NOT having a heat-induced hallucination, Madteo is releasing a new tape

You are NOT having a heat-induced hallucination, Madteo is releasing a new tape

You know when you’re in New York in the Summer, and you get off the train with no A.C. covered in sweat, and you start to walk East but then realize you’re supposed to be going west, so then you go back to go West, and then realize, no, you were supposed to be walking east, and it’s 104 degrees, and you begin to question if you’ll make it to the next $18 juice bar before you die? That’s sort of like what Madteo is serving up on his new cassette, Forest Limit.

Described in a press email as “75 mins of unreleased murk primed for heatstroke,” Forest Limit is certainly about to dish out the SONG OF THE SUMMER! Or at least the song of THIS summer, which is actually not so bad when you compare it to the waves of heat death hurtling towards us in future summers. Madteo, a Queens producer whose sound is as hallucinatory and immeasurable as the Big Apple itself, will likely soundtrack those summers quite nicely as well.

Listen below to an excerpt from this thing and you’ll see what I mean. Is it more avant hip-hop like his 2016 record of madness with Sensational? Is it more dysfunctional rock-steady techno? Is it good ol’ house bangers? The answer is…no! It just isn’t.

Forest Limit arrives on Demdike Stare’s DDS label tomorrow, July 26. Of course it’s on cassette, but it will likely melt in your hand on the way back to your apartment.

Forest Limit by Madteo

Forest Limit tracklisting:
01. Come on, you think I could tell you something like that? Puh-leaze. It’s a Madteo cassette tape. There’s a Side A and a Side B. Now go drink some water, you’re looking… not great.

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