Magik Markers to tour Europe, where they’re likely considered a “twee-pop” band

Magik Markers to tour Europe, where they're likely considered a "twee-pop" band

It was only a matter of time. The noise-rocking Magik (pronounced “magic”) Markers have always struck me as way too cosmopolitan for the dimwitted, chili-dog-scarfing, North American continent. Besides, let’s face it: they’ve already criss-crossed the whole corn-fed place a zillion times already. No intelligent signs of life. Not even in Seattle… where Frasier lives!

So while it’s certainly a major bummer to North American bumpkins like me, it’s probably only fitting and natural that the band is setting sail for the old country this fall to tour their most recent album, Surrender to the Fantasy, and presumably soaking in all of the erudition they possibly can by touring the world’s oldest (and likely smelliest) libraries and cafe-bar haunts of all of their favorite modernist writers, poets, painters, critics, and architects. But at this point, if you’re one of those hip, “cigarello” smoking European Magik Markers aficionados yourself, you may well be asking, “hey, wait, which old country are they visiting? And when?”

The answer to the first question is: all of them. And the answer to the second thing will have to wait until after this obligatory related embedded video content that we’ve shoehorned-in down there in advance of the tour dates. Suck it, European brainiacs.

Magik Markers European tour:

09.18.14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival
09.19.14 - Ghent, Belgium - Vooruit
09.21.14 - Paris, France - La Gaîté Lyrique
09.22.14 - Bristol, UK - Club Cavern
09.23.14 - London, UK - Cafe OTO
09.24.14 - York, UK - The Basement (York)
09.25.14 - Edinburgh, UK - Sneaky Pete’s
09.26.14 - Glasgow, UK - The Old Hairdresser
09.27.14 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Centre
09.30.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Almo2Bar
10.02.14 - Alicante, Spain - Stereo
10.03.14 - Madrid, Spain - Villa Manuela Festival
10.04.14 - Barreiro, Portugal - Out Fest

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[Photo: Joachim Zimmermann]

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