The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs to receive vinyl box set reissue

The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs to receive vinyl box set reissue

Long before the jokesters of Twitter, The Magnetic Fields were on that 69 tip. Proving themselves the most prescient musicians of their day, the band released 69 Love Songs in September of 1999. This kicked off the 69 renaissance we enjoy today, because, you see, 69 is a sex number.

Not that 69 Love Songs should be reduced to its pre-emptive capturing of the internet humor zeitgeist. It’s an expansive, ambitious record that really has 69 songs, all of which are about love (in one form or another). People like it, and when people like a thing, you reissue that thing’s out-of-print vinyl box set. On November 6, Merge will reissue 69 Love Songs as a limited-edition box containing six 10-inch records.

To add an extra layer of exclusivity to this limited-edition item, the first thousand pre-orders will come on colored vinyl. Heck, multiple colors of colored vinyl at that, precisely two black, two red, and two clear. After those fancy colored vinyls are gone, all that will be left are vinyl as cold and black as a dying love. In that case, maybe distract yourself by reading the set’s 24-page color booklet featuring liner notes written by author Daniel Handler. Purveyors of fine children’s novels may better know Handler by a certain pen name, one involving a citrus — never mind, he’s Lemony Snicket.

Pre-orders are available now through Merge and should arrive by the November 6 release date.

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