MAJOR BUMMER: Jookabox throw in the towel, release final record about gross shit in April

MAJOR BUMMER: Jookabox throw in the towel, release final record about gross shit in April

Indianapolis weirdos Jookabox are breaking up, and their final record, The Eyes of the Fly, will be released April 26 via Asthmatic Kitty. That’s it. No tour. Nothing. Why y’all gotta be like that?

Jookabox began as a one-bro band, then called Grampall Jookabox and consisting of one Moose Adamson. Basement recordings became a debut record and local Indianapolis label Joyful Noise Recordings released Grampall Jookabox’s their debut Scientific Cricket in 2007. The following year Grampall Jookabox released Ropechain via Asthmatic Kitty, recruited drummer Patrick “Ostry” Okerson, and dropped the “Grampall” from their name, becoming just “Jookabox.” Their third release was Dead Zone Boys, a super weird and super awesome record about zombies and urban sprawl. Joined by members Lisa Berlin and Benny Sanders on bass and keys, the band toured the US and Europe. Their fourth and final record, The Eyes of the Fly is about “humans and worms and slime and rotting flesh.” Hey, these guys have sung about ghosts, zombies, Michael Jackson, pregnancy, among other things. You never know what you’re going to get. I’ll tell you one thing you can expect on The Eyes of the Fly: rapping. Real talk.

RIP Jookabros. You were weird and rad and will be missed. <3 U. Head over to the Chocolate Grinder and listen to “Drops,” the band’s first single off The Eyes of the Fly, and look for future releases by Moose under the name DMA.

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• Rhonda: [This is the bands biggest influence. I highly suggest her “album” Country Breast. It’s really good, you guys.]

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