Mana, who’s possibly from heaven and actually from Italy, announces debut LP on Hyperdub

Mana, who's possibly from heaven and actually from Italy, announces debut LP on Hyperdub

I don’t know what Hyperdub is doing these days. The label founded by Steve Goodman — a.k.a. Kode9 — started as one of the premier imprints for non-bastardized dubstep; but in the years since the mid-00s, we’ve seen a gradual acceptance and subsequent propagation of electronic music that’s way more eccentric than what Burial, Joker, and Zomby were initially pumping out for its easy and ultra-cool danceability (e.g. Laurel Halo’s album Quarantine, and more recently, Jesse Kanda’s doon kanda musical project).

The music of Mana (real name: Daniele Mana) is certainly a continuation of the label’s increasing electronic adventurousness. And now, the Italian producer is following up his 2017 EP Creature with a brand new full-length for Hyperdub.

The new LP is called Seven Steps Behind, and ahead of its release on April 5, it’s important to offer a confusion disclaimer: this is an electronic album, but electronic versions of classical instruments abound. It’s an electronic album, but EDM may as well be standing next to bluegrass in its stylistic distance from this one. Perhaps Mana’s former work as Vaghe Stelle had you anticipating this.

Pre-order Seven Steps Behind here, and while you wait, check out the video (created by Plusminus) for the album track “Solo” down below. Who’s ready for Mana Mania?

Steven Steps Behind tracklisting:

01. Risk Taking
02. Myopia For The Future
03. Talking Choking
04. A Note On The Limits
05. Swordsmanship
06. Leverage For Survival
07. Symphony Of Regulation
08. Solo
09. No Body
10. Instinction
11. Soaking In Water
12. Seven Steps Behind

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