Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog returns with new album YRU Still Here?, awaits Trump’s cogent rebuttal via Twitter

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog returns with new album YRU Still Here?, awaits Trump's cogent rebuttal via Twitter
“I got a right to say FUCK YOU!!!” -Mark Ribot (Photo: Ebru Yildiz)

Three very weary, heavy, dull, soul-deadening words, y’all: AMERICAN. POLITICAL. CLIMATE.

One jolting response: Marc Ribot’s punk trio Ceramic Dog.

Yup, veteran guitarist and troublemaker Marc Ribot and his Ceramic Dog project have just resurfaced from the muck to vitriolically announce their new record, YRU Still Here? It follows 2013’s Your Turn, and its 11 constituent tracks of highly acidic punk/funk/flamenco/surf rock find Ribot and his cohorts doing, well, just what ANY sensible damn person should be doing when placed in front of a microphone in 2018: “howling in anger at corruption, tyranny, life in general, and nothing in particular.”

“If you’ve got a serious case of outrage fatigue,” the album’s accompanying press release consoles, “Ceramic Dog’s explosive cocktail of balls-to-the-wall abandon, chameleonic disregard for style constraints, political commentary, and absurdist humor is just the shot in the ass (or kick in the arm?) you might need.” So what are you waiting for? EMBEACE the anger! Let it ouuuuut!

If you’re ready to get started, you can begin by checking out the album’s first single “Muslim Jewish Resistance,” which is streaming now right over here (and will be available everywhere tomorrow, February 23). Alternately, you can amp yourself up a little by brewing a stiff espresso and maybe checking out a recent KEXP performance of “Your Turn” live in the studio down below while you wait for A) Election Day 2020, and B) April 27, which is when YRU Still Here? drops on vinyl, CD, and digital via Northern Spy.

Seriously. Who’s ready to help make America feel shocked again???

YRU Still Here reading this tracklist?

01. Personal Nancy
02. Pennsylvania 6 6666
03. Agnes
04. Oral Sidney With a U
05. YRU Still Here
06. Muslim Jewish Resistance
07. Shut That Kid Up
08. Fuck La Migra
09. Orthodoxy
10. Freak Freak Freak On The Peripherique
11. Rawhide

YR Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog at these places on these dates?

03.24.18 - Knoxville, TN - Big Ears Festival
03.25.18 - Nashville, TN - The Basement
03.26.18 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle
03.27.18 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle (backroom)
03.28.18 - TBA
03.29.18 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s

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