Marcus Fjellström announces Skelektikon on Miasmah

Marcus Fjellström announces Skelektikon on Miasmah

Happiness is overrated. Ever feel like orchestral arrangements are the easiest medium by which you might rebel against this unofficial goal of humanity and feel an unmistakable sense of dread? Swedish composer and audiovisual artist Marcus Fjellström perhaps subscribes to this idea, and it’s possible that you’re already aware of his musical proclivities courtesy of his 2010 album Schattenspieler as well as his more limited follow-up Library Music 1. Then more or less came his work on the seemingly Scandinavia-limited “audiovisual opera” Boris Christ, and it’s clear that, in addition to his visual talents, Fjellström recognizes the practicality of an orchestra being tasked with communicating unease. My theory is that orchestral music is largely relegated to the margins in today’s society, which means that it otherwise has a knack for conjuring up the ghosts of centuries-old history.

Fjellström’s upcoming album Skelektikon marks a return to the music-as-album business after a six-year hiatus (unless you count the rare EP or two), and his effort on the Miasmah label is said to be a superficial continuation filled with “paranoia” as opposed to “noir filled alleyways.” No doubt it’ll take a mind on a first name-basis with the dark to differentiate between the two in this case, so have a listen to the track “Schmerzrot” below to get started. We could be between raven and onyx as far as shades of black go.

Skelektikon is out February 10 in the US and February 3 everywhere else.

Skelektikon tracklisting:

01. Something Comes From …
02. Skeleton Dance 1
03. Aunchron
04. Skeleton Dance 2
05. Modulus
06. Arboretum
07. Hermitage
08. Skeleton Dance 3
09. Schmerzrot
10. Boy With Wound

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