Marie Davidson’s new LP is Un Autre Voyage all up in her neural pathways

Marie Davidson's new LP is Un Autre Voyage all up in her neural pathways

I got a shaky leg… and don’t try to tell me that I’m an anthropomorphic house cat who just accidentally dipped his hinds in a deep puddle outdoors. The reality is contagious; in addition to “Shaky Legs,” the whole of Marie Davidson’s debut solo LP is some kind of catchy and deliberately heterogeneous throwback to cold wave, as Mira Aroyo conceivably looks on with glaring eyes at the formidable competition. It’s an album that followed up a series of affiliations with Montreal-based experimental outfits, and no sooner than some of us were revived of our Francophilia, Davidson has her second solo LP prepped for release almost exactly a year later, this April 14.

What I’m doing here, in this very article, is what she’s done on Un Autre Voyage, albeit with her pen and notepad directed toward a mirror. Per a press release, the album’s said to be principally a work of honest introspection, with every song stemming from personal experience or “true events.” Presumably this comment comes with more validity than the movie preface, because god damn did Argo take some liberties.

Davidson’s husband and otherwise bandmate (in Essaie Pas) has some vocal, guitar, and production contributions, maybe even on the following track:

Un Autre Voyage tracklisting:

01. Boulevard Taschereau
02. Excès De Vitesse
03. Kidnap You In The Desert
04. Insomnie
05. Balade Aux USA
06. Perséphone

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