Martyn details third LP The Air Between Words, with copeland and Four Tet joining the unique fight against awkward silences

Martyn details third LP The Air Between Words, with copeland and Four Tet joining the unique fight against awkward silences

You may be surprised to know this, but it’s not exactly common for artists of any field to be endowed with the innate ability to create masterpieces from the day they were born. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, for instance, wasn’t a rendition of an earlier, routine work from a kindergarten finger painting session; it’s become somewhat of a cliché, but things like that take practice and honing and dedication, and only then is an artist able to conjure memorable pieces from the depths of their being, while having a cup of coffee and abusing the multiple sheets of giant bubble wrap that were joyously just happened upon. In other words, assured is your expertise when you barely have to think about a given task, and there’s no subsequent drop-off in the quality of your work. It’ll be as instinctual as the otiorhynchus sulcatus’ seasonal emergence from the soil!

And speaking of Dutch artists, here’s where the connection comes in: Martyn will be releasing his The Air Between Words LP on June 17 via Ninja Tune, and apparently (per a press release) he had, like, “no plan” or “parameters” going into its creation. As the vaguely (classic) dubstep producer elaborated:

Every album signifies a period in your life, and finishing one shows you something about yourself… Without the music being introspective, this is my most natural sounding album.

Natural — with the exception of the collaborative aspect, which presumably required an email or two. “Love of Pleasure” features vocals from copeland, while “Glassbeadgames” is a pretty seamless meeting of creative minds between Martyn and Four Tet. An extended “8 Hours at Fabric Dub” version of “Glassbeadgames” can separately be found both below and on the preceding Forgiveness EP, set for release June 3.

The Air Between Words tracklisting:

01. Forgiveness Step 1
02. Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet)
03. Empty Mind
04. Drones
05. Love of Pleasure (with copeland)
06. Two Leads and a Computer
07. Forgiveness Step 2
08. Like That
09. Lullaby
10. Fashion Skater

Forgiveness EP tracklisting:

01. Glassbeadgames - 8 Hours at Fabric Dub (with Four Tet)
02. Secrets
03. Forgiveness Step 3

• Martyn:
• Ninja Tune:

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