Masaki Batoh premieres video and massive international mixtape ahead of third album from The Silence

Masaki Batoh premieres video and massive international mixtape ahead of third album from The Silence
Photo: Ikuko Hirose

Let’s be real here: Tokyo-based acid-/psych-rock mastermind Masaki Batoh has been so damn prolific at this whole “music thing” for such a long while now that he must be single-handedly using up like 66% of Drag City’s vinyl budget. This dude knows how to put out records. Not even counting numerous solo excursions, his post-Ghost band The Silence has only been around for like a year and already has two albums under its tie-dyed, paisley-pattered belt. And, hey, you’ll never guess what? Here comes the third.

Yup, the band have announced that their new album, Nine Suns, One Morning, is kicking the pressing plants into overdrive as we speak so that it can hit the streets on November 11 by dropping the video for the album’s skrony title-track — in fact, you can pre-order the shenanigans now on your choice of luxurious-ass LP + 7” vinyl, shiny-ass CD, and digital-ass digital.

And now, Batoh and his mates are relentlessly comin’ at us again with the premiere of the album’s second single, ”Look Up the Vault (A Pure Myth of Angelic Winter Water),” a syncopated classical-guitar funk-out stacked deep with fluttery flutes, horns-galore, shredding electrics, and some satisfyingly-abstruse and visceral verbal bombast. In other words: this one’s real walkin’-around-town-and-thinkin’-about-stuff kinda music. Real deal. Check it out for yourself down below, as well as the complete album tracklisting — and, FOR GOOD MEASURE, an enormous guest-mix that Batoh also recently curated that covers some of his favorite songs from the US, the UK, and Japan — all down below. Whew! This dude must be in great shape! I’m worn out just writing all this stuff down…

Nine Suns, One Morning tracklisting:

01. Ritual Of The Sun
02. Nine Suns, One Morning
03. Big Buddha Eyes Opening Ceremony
04. Look Up The Vault
05. No Expectations
06. Machine Guns
07. Even Guillion
08. Louie Louie
09. The Shadow

Batoh’s Super Fantastic International mix tracklisting:

< USA > [download]
01. Drop Out - Pearls Before Swine
02. Sigon Girl - Family of Apostric
03. Thicker than a smokey - Gary Higgins
04. Badi-Da - Fred Neil
05. Time - Dino Valenti
06. Hard Road To New Mexico - John Manning

< UK > [download]
01. The Words In Between - Dave Evans
02. Strolling Down The Highway - Bert Jansch
03. Lovely On The Water - Steeleye Span
04. Magic - Nick Drake
05. Third Ear Band - Fleance
06. Homburg - Procol Harum
07. Me And My Woman - Roy Harper

< Japan > [download]
01. Satori pt. 2 - Flower Travellin’ Band
02. Marianne - Jacks
03. Live in 14 August 1980 - Hadaka no Ralizes
04. Shamisen Jonkara - Chikuzan Takahashi
05. Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku - Kan Mikami
06. Misora - Sachiko Kanenobu
07. Watashi No Hana - Kazuki Tomokawa
08. Yasukibushi - Kunitaka Sato
09. Haze - Masahiko Togashi
10. Extraction - Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction

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