Massacooramaan releases Drum Fission EP as a free download on Fade To Mind (non-drums are overrated)

Massacooramaan releases Drum Fission EP as a free download on Fade To Mind (non-drums are overrated)

Are you having flashbacks to your military service in Vietnam, despite the fact that the fertilized egg version of you hadn’t even made its fallopial journey to the uterus at the time of that iconic photo?

Not to worry. You’re probably just listening to Massacooramaan’s new EP; because even though he likely didn’t intend it this way, the release’s percussive focus kind of sounds like revolving gunfire at times, which makes for an especially intense listen that fortunately falls short of actually threatening your life in any way. The appropriately titled Drum Fission EP was just released and is available as a free download courtesy of the label Fade To Mind right now. I consider it a pretty awesome progression for the otherwise footwork connoisseur (a.k.a. Dave Quam), who’s currently doing THINGS in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

What’s that? Oh, why yes: you can have a brief bio.

Quam was born in Portland (as I just said), and simultaneous with his non-Portland ventures as a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) beginning in 2005, he started DJing and writing about music on the blog It’s After the End of the World — presumably named for the Sun Ra album. It was through that blog that Quam gave attention to (and expressed an interest in) all kinds of niche musical trends (including the adjacent story of footwork and juke). And so, combined with his DJ efforts, Massacooramaan took the next logical step and released his first EP Dead Long Time in 2012.

The new EP is quite different than the first one, though an affinity for intricate percussion remains a clear focus. Here’s the track “Hyper Garrote” from the new one (which you can also pre-order right over here):

Drum Fission tracklisting:

01. Voltage Slip
02. Exhume
03. Xevioso
04. Dautadra
05. Hyper Garrote

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