Matias Aguayo advocates spontaneously dancing into your neighbors’ homes, announces The Visitor LP for June release on Cómeme

Matias Aguayo advocates spontaneously dancing into your neighbors' homes, announces The Visitor LP for June release on Cómeme

So, the crux of this article should understandably center around the news of Matias Aguayo announcing his first album in four years, but it would be a mistake to assume that the Chilean-born producer/DJ, what with his palpable energy and gibberish-laden enthusiasm for ice cream, had ever really been absent from the music scene. Sure, we can point to his recent contributions to the annual Kompakt compilations, but what else has he been doing since Ay Ay Ay (TMT Review), aside from making cl-cl-clubgoers around the world realize the faults of boilerplate minimal techno?

The Visitor will be released on June 24, and it’ll be Aguayo’s first via Cómeme, the label that he founded in 2009, and has been pushing as an international (though mostly South American) beacon for musical integrity ever since. As far as album titles go, this one’s duly fitting when you consider both Aguayo’s personal history and the production of the record itself. Aguayo was raised in Germany, has otherwise lived in both France and Argentina, and The Visitor was recorded, according to Resident Advisor, over a five-year period in locations around the world, including Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, France, and Germany. I’m not a fan of the term either, but I’ll bite down for the sake of its appropriateness — you’re a citizen of the world, Matias.

Joining him on the record are fellow Cómemers Phillipp Gorbachev, Daniel Maloso, Ana Helder, and Alejandro Paz, as well as numerous guest vocalists. Adding to the credit intrigue, Scott Monteith a.k.a. Deadbeat handled the mixing duties. Pluralize the title, and listen to the obscenely groovy track “El Sucu Tucu” below.

The Visitor tracklisting:

01. RRRR
02. Dead Inspector
03. By the Graveyard
04. Llegó El Don
05. Una Fiesta Diferente
06. El Sucu Tucu
07. Aonde
08. El Camaron
09. Do You Wanna Work
10. Levantate Diegors
11. Las Cruces
12. A Certain Spirit

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