Matmos get as close to your ear as you’ll let them to tell you about their European tour dates

Matmos get as close to your ear as you'll let them to tell you about their European tour dates

You ever had your ear licked by a news writer at another music site? Me neither, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Like, take for instance this ripe little post over on XLR8R about how Matmos are going on tour this May to support last year’s The Marriage of True Minds (TMT Review). The whole time I was like, what if this guy, instead of telling the news to me straight, was right up next to my ear, whispering it. Maybe he goes there with the tongue, maybe he doesn’t. That’s up to him.

Anyhow, if you, reader, would lend me your ear for like half a minute, I’ll climb up in there like it’s my space ship to the stars or something and tell you that Matmos are indeed planning a European tour this summer. Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it? You, Drew Daniel, M.C. Schmidt, and maybe a couple hundred of your closest European friends listening to some hot Matmos jams, trying to figure out what’s plugged in to what and where that weird whooshing noise came from (spoiler: they have contact mics hooked up to the toilets in the venue and they’re running the signal through a bunch of guitar pedals). The noise artist Jeff Carey will be also chilling with Misters Schmidt and Daniel on a few dates. Like most tours, this one will consist of several dates, which I will now list.


05.03.14 - Heidelberg, Germany - Karlstorbahnhof
05.29.14 - Bristol, UK - Colston Hall
05.30.14 - Birmingham, UK - Custard Factory Arts Complex
05.31.14 - London, UK - Café Oto
06.02.14 - London, UK - Café Oto
06.05.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Copenhagen Jazzhouse
06.06.14 - Berlin, Germany - NK Projekt
06.07.14 - Dresden, Germany - Beatpol
06.09.14 - Venice, Italy - Spazio Aereo
06.10.14 - Bologna, Italy - Parco Del Cavaticcio
06.12.14 - Barcelona, Spane - Sónar Festival
06.14.14 - Bordeaux, France - I.Boat
06.16.14 - Lille, France - L’Aéronef

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