Matmos expecting! New album out in February on Thrill Jockey

Matmos expecting! New album out in February on Thrill Jockey

Word first passed through the halls of TMT back in July that Matmos had started running with a new crowd (Chicago-based label Thrill Jockey), and that as a result, a certain surprise was on the horizon. Now that a bit of time has passed and the duo of Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt is starting to show, the cat is out of the bag and the delivery date has been announced. Scheduled for February 22 of next year, the couple is planning on a natural birth for their lucky 10th, and they’ve already christened it The Marriage of Two Minds. Just a handful more and they’ll be eligible for their own show on TLC.

FACT is reporting that this addition to the Daniel-Schmidt clan is “part record, part experiment,” as was demonstrated on their Ganzfield EP earlier this year. The pair took audience responses to white noise and then used those reactions as the starting points for their found sound compositions. Think of it as an in-vitro inspiration.

The Marriage of Two Minds tracklisting:

01. You
02. Very Large Green Triangles
03. Mental Radio
04. Ross Transcript
05. Teen Paranormal Romance
06. Tunnel
07. In Search of a Lost Faculty
08. Aetheric Vehicle
09. ESP

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