Matmos to tour West Coast with an actual washing machine this December

Matmos to tour West Coast with an actual washing machine this December

Uh. Say, I know that it’s tough to think about anything that happened more than like two weeks ago in this age of instant on-demand internet gratification, but… you guys remember back in March when veteran electronic music super-duo Matmos released that crazy Ultimate Care II album, “constructed entirely out of the sounds generated by a “Whirlpool Ultimate Care II” model washing machine” for the preeminently patient and always open-minded Thrill Jockey label, don’t you? You know, the “washing machine”-themed album that ISN’T Sonic Youth’s Washing Machine? The one with all those WASHING MACHINE SOUNDS on it?

Yeah! Exactly! It was the one with the washing machine sounds.

Okay good, cuz check this out: for the VERY FIRST TIME since that album’s release, the boys in Matmos are touring the West Coast this December! And the kicker is, instead of taking “the easy way” out and just having all of their shows at local laundromats like I would have done, they’re literally bringing their trusty “Ultimate Care II” washing machine along for the ride. I wonder how you get one of those things on an airplane?

Oh yeah, and in addition to those West Coast dates with rattly ol’ whitey, the guys’ll also be performing alongside the likes of Björk (one of those singer-songwriter types) at Day for Night Festival in Houston, Texas to cap off the whole run. I’m guessing that that show will probably run a little longer than the length of one rinse cycle, but I could be wrong.

Matmos’ ultimate caredates:

12.04.16 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg
12.05.16 - San Francisco, CA - Gray Area/Grand Theater
12.07.16 - Portland, OR - Holocene
12.08.16 - Vancouver, BC - Western Front
12.09.16 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
12.17-18.16 - Houston, TX - Day of Night Festival

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