Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto collaborate on new album Everyone Needs a Plan for Erstwhile

Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto collaborate on new album Everyone Needs a Plan for Erstwhile

Everyone needs a plan. Take me, for example. Right now, my plan is to tell you about the new collaborative album from twin geniuses Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto, logically titled Everyone Needs a Plan. First, I’m going to tell you that it’s out August 24, then I’m going to tell you it’s available through Erstwhile Records. Following that, I’ll delve into some somewhat less pertinent details.

Take this, for example: the record is a single track, and it’s an hour long, plus fifteen minutes. Revert himself designed the artwork. The duo previously joined together on Earnest Rubbish in 2016. I’ll tell you that the music is grave in manner and diffuse in structure, and I’ll wax poetic about how it taps into a primal anxiety through skittish instrumentation and sedate spoken word. I might even mention stray words, like “radiator” and “bagpipes,” cribbed from the record itself. Then I’ll decide that’s probably enough for a middle paragraph.

Afterward, I’m going to introduce more significant promotional information. I’ll mention first that Matthew Revert himself created a video featuring an eight-minute excerpt from the album, and I’ll tell you that you can watch it below, then make some light-hearted but vaguely sarcastic joke about the sinister pastoral imagery that I haven’t thought of yet. Then I’ll point you toward the pre-order link and tell you how much I think you should buy it.

Finally, I won’t be sure how to end the story, so I’ll sit in my painful, dark-stained wood chair for five minutes while I think of something, and finally, out of equal-parts fatigue and the desire to be done with it, settle on a mediocre sentiment that at least lends some sense of closure to the article.

That’s my plan. And I’m planning on sticking to it.

Everyone Needs a Plan tracklisting:

1. Everyone Needs a Plan

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