Meemo Comma (Lara Rix-Martin) announces second album Sleepmoss on Planet Mu, for the ghostly days ahead

Meemo Comma (Lara Rix-Martin) announces second album Sleepmoss on Planet Mu, for the ghostly days ahead

Yeah, when did Lara Rix-Martin release her debut album as Meemo Comma? Apparently that was in 2017, but I don’t recall hearing about it at all — probably because I spent the whole of 2017 gradually destroying the environment by throwing my greasy pizza boxes in with the rest of the (comparably untarnished) recycling. I’ve since improved my diet and realized the error of my subtly-pollutive ways, and that’s allowed me to acknowledge the producer project that Rix-Martin has separate from her running of the Objects Limited label.

This creative endeavor is newer than the Heterotic collaboration that she has with husband and Planet Mu founder, Mike Paradinas a.k.a. μ-Ziq, and the album Ghost on the Stairs (I now appreciate) was principally concerned with individual perception and linguistics. There’s no sense in debating it. Want to take this outside?

Meemo Comma’s second album Sleepmoss is out October 25 on Planet Mu, and similar to one’s newfound role as a jovial ambassador for Mother Earth, the release is being marketed as a homage to the British wilderness, particularly as it exists during the dark autumn and winter months. According to Rix-Martin herself, “… the album is about solitude and the richness of romance that can be found in nature.” The paintings of J.M.W. Turner were an influence along the way, and musically, it comes out as something mostly beat-less, nonetheless dynamic, somewhat haunting, and introspective.

Pre-order the album here, and listen to the track “Tanglewood” down below:

Sleepmoss tracklisting:

01. Reaping
02. Night Rain
03. Murmur
04. Tanglewood
05. Winter Sun
06. Amethyst Deceiver
07. Windross
08. Lichen
09. Meadhead
10. Firn
11. Sleepmoss
12. Psithur

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