Merge reissues Lambchop’s Nixon as part of their 25th anniversary celebration; we are all but dust mites in the sands of time

Merge reissues Lambchop's Nixon as part of their 25th anniversary celebration; we are all but dust mites in the sands of time

Well hey, whaddaya know? More news about Merge’s 25th anniversary! Since I know your eyeballs are glued to this news section like they’re wood, and the news section is also wood, and together you form the corner of a well-crafted analogy bird house built by someone’s dad, I’m not gonna bother re-explaining any of the hoary details of the 7-inch subscription series they’ve got planned, especially since my original post on the matter was so expertly hilarious. I’m also not going to spend too much time on the 25K the label is putting on in conjunction with Bull City Running Company in Chapel Hill-Durham in March, since, to be honest, talking about running makes me feel guilty and slovenly.

What I am going to spend approximately a paragraph, maybe two, describing is the fact that the label recently announced plans to reissue Lambchop’s Nixon. Throughout 2014, Merge plans to reissue records from their back catalog each month, and Nixon is the first one in line. Marking the end of the band’s “let’s see how big and unreasonable of a band we can have in order to play pranks on sound guys around the country” phase, the album features the girth of a 14-person iteration of Lambchop, giving it all the shimmering R&B inflected folk flourish they can muster. Merge’s reissue comes as either a double-CD or an LP with CD, featuring both the original album and a remastered live session entitled White Sessions 1998: How I Met Cat Power, notable in large part for Wagner’s long-winded description of the time he bumped into Chan Marshall at a Limp Bizkit concert in 1997 on the band’s Three Dollar Bill, Yall tour. Pre-order the reissue here; it’s scheduled for release on January 28.

Nixon tracklisting:

01. The Old Gold Shoe
02. Grumpus
03. You Masculine You
04. Up with People
05. Nashville Parent
06. What Else Could It Be?
07. The Distance from Her to There
08. The Book I Haven’t Read
09. The Petrified Florist
10. The Butcher Boy

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