Merzbow celebrates 40th anniversary with new album MONOAkuma on Room40

Merzbow celebrates 40th anniversary with new album MONOAkuma on Room40
Photo: Jenny Akita

In the (somewhat likely) event that you haven’t been ALIVE since 1979, you (also pretty likely) didn’t know that 2019 marks — in the ever-artful words of Room40 label boss Lawrence English — “the 40th anniversary of the commencement of Merzbow.”

To commemorate the auspicious occasion, English’s label is releasing a new Merzbow album on November 30, entitled MONOAkuma, which “epitomises Merzbow’s 40 years as arguably the most important noise musicians of our time, demonstrates the intense and complex audio world Merzbow has created.” In other words: for the under-40 and/or under-noise-conscious crowd among us, this forthcoming release might well be “the perfect starting point from which to wade into the noise ocean that is Merzbow’s vast output.”

The album consists of a single live recording from 2012, created in Brisbane, Australia at the Institute of Modern Art. “This was the second time I had the pleasure to present him live in Australia,” English says. “To me, this performance epitomizes the physiology of Merzbow’s sound work.” He continues:

What I recall most about this performance is the sense of utter euphoria that was shared by everyone present. It is captured in the recording too. Not many people tend to dwell on this affective capacity of Merzbow’s work, but there is no question — this is about the body and the ears being overwhelmed. In those moments of being wholly consumed comes an incredible bodily sense of euphoria that is a truly unique and profound experience. MONOAkuma captures this affect in exacting detail.

If (for some insane reason) any of you young whippersnappers still aren’t sold, perhaps GETTING YOUR GODDAMN PRETTY FACE RIPPED-OFF by the album trailer down below will convince you? (Just be sure to pre-order the album here while you’re waiting for the ambulance to arrive.) Enough said. *SUPER NOISY MIC DROP*

MONOAkuma tracklisting:

01. MONOAkuma


11.09.18 - Chicago, IL - Drone Activity Chicago @ Saffron Rails
12.08.18 - New York, NY - Hospital Fest @Knockdown Center
12.14.18 - Oakland, CA - Metro*
12.15.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Regent Theatre*

* Prurient

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