Merzbow and HEXA (Jamie Stewart and Lawrence English) announce collaborative album Achromatic — the perfect sunny summer soundtrack!

Merzbow and HEXA (Jamie Stewart and Lawrence English) announce collaborative album Achromatic — the perfect sunny summer soundtrack!

So, it’s true. Merzbow, Lawrence English, and Jamie Stewart are making an album together. Despite being made by three of the four horsemen of the aural apocalypse (with David being the fourth), I actually think this record is going to be pretty pleasant and accessible. I’m sure it will feature sunny, warm, and delicate melodies that are sure to delight. Really, I do!

Merzbow and HEXA (that’s English and Stewart, for those who wear earbuds to shows or whatever) have announced that the fruit of their recent collaborations, entitled Achromatic, will arrive July 27 via Dais Records. Achromatic, huh? That sure sounds like a harsh noise album…But no, this one is going to be really charming and gentle. I’m sure of it.

According to the press release, “HEXA approached Merzbow with the idea of a collaboration that sought to collide their particular approach to physical sonics against Merzbow’s resoundingly ontological noise practice.” That collaboration eventually turned into a full record, which Stewart actually alluded to in our interview with him earlier this year. You can stream the second part of that record now down below. I haven’t yet, but I still feel certain it’s going to be nothing if not adorable. <3

Despite their solemn, companionless media images; these three are no strangers to one another. Merzbow and Stewart collaborated on the MERZXIU LP in 2015, HEXA released a Lynch-inspired record in 2016, and English and Merzbow have helped each other out on tour. Yes…it’s true that all those aforementioned records are extremely dark and abrasive…but not this new one. Seriously!

You can go ahead and pre-order the record now. I’ve already done so, as I need some new music for Alexa to play while I’m putting the baby to sleep. I’m just really so excited that these guys have decided to put out something sunshine-y for a change. Cheers to that!

LP cover art: Joe Stewart

Achromatic tracklisting:

01. Merzhex Part 1
02. Merzhex Part 2
03. Merzhex Part 3
04. Merzhex Part 4
05. Hexamer

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