M.E.S.H. announces Hesaitix, yet another digital confrontation in LP form, on PAN

M.E.S.H. announces Hesaitix, yet another digital confrontation in LP form, on PAN
Photo: Nadine Fraczkowski

Subsequent to getting a whiff of any new music from SHAPE-affiliated artist M.E.S.H., some listeners might feel the need to gird their proverbial loins in caution, while I personally usually feel the need to mainline caffeine and hit the freeweights. But just as these choices may vary among individuals, so too does the severity of noises across the handful of Berlin-based producer James Whipple’s albums. For instance, some of us considered 2015’s Piteous Gate to mark the start of a remarkable career in “relatively straightforward” electronic abstraction…until the Damaged Merc EP came around and gave listeners the all-too-lifelike sonic sensation of a whole foundry full of steel beams getting repeatedly riveted five inches from our faces. (Every artist has their own definition of “banger,” I guess?)

But now, just when we’d almost gotten used to THAT delightful sensation, here comes the newest M.E.S.H. album! Entitled, Hesaitix, it’s due November 10 on PAN, and you can pre-order it now. The album’s press release confirms the continued evolution of Whipple’s music…but, if you’re feeling brave enough to experience the Charizard-like transformation for yourself, quick! Don your heaviest, Renaissance-era body armor and listen to the track “Search. Reveal.” down below. It’s surprisingly accessible! …If you envision your life in a futuristic boiler room.

Hesaitix tracklisting:

01. Nemorum Incola
02. Mimic
03. Blurred Cicada I
04. 2 Loop Trip
05. Search.Reveal.
06. Privileged Lord
07. Coercer
08. Blurred Cicada II
09. Signal Ride Drum
10. Diana Triplex
11. Ihnaemiauimx

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