M.E.S.H. to release debut album Piteous Gate on PAN

M.E.S.H. to release debut album Piteous Gate on PAN

M.E.S.H. is straight-up DOING it right now, pulling back the framework of club music and contorting it into something altogether more sinister and fragmented. Last year’s Scythians EP satiated us; the more recent Infra-Dusk/Infra-Dawn release for Black Ocean drew us in closer still; and now he’s lurked back onto PAN with the announcement of his debut full-length, Piteous Gate.

As a member of the Janus crew &mdsah; who are no strangers to the pages of TMT &mdsah; M.E.S.H. (real name James Whipple) injects a degree of havoc into his productions, making for an uneasy blend of caustic textures and loosely-programmed beats, with occasionally danceable patterns emerging from the static. It’s a modus operandi that has served him well thus far, and the transition from the short-form to a fully-fledged LP will be an exciting one to bear witness to.

Watch out for Piteous Gate’s arrival on July 17, and catch a stream of “Epithet” down below:

Piteous Gate tracklisting:

01. Piteous Gate
02. Optimate
03. Thorium
04. The Black Pill
05. Kritikal & X
06. Epithet
07. Jester’s Visage
08. Methy Imbiß
09. Azov Seepage

• M.E.S.H.: https://soundcloud.com/m-e-s-h
• PAN: http://p-a-n.org

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