M.E.S.H. releases Damaged Merc EP on PAN

M.E.S.H. releases Damaged Merc EP on PAN
Photo: Philippe Gerlach

Avant-techno provocateur and SHAPE-affiliated artist M.E.S.H. has just dropped a new EP, titled Damaged Merc, courtesy of Berlin’s PAN imprint. Marking a stylistic shift from his revered debut, last year’s Piteous Gate, these four blistering tracks are more overtly club-oriented than his abstract-leaning early work, spiking electro beats with frantically-chopped vocals and roiling industrial percussion. No less ominous and difficult to define than Gate or previous EP Scythians, just a bit more jagged around the edges, with a rust-colored sound palette and rushes of static filling up the negative space.

If you’d like a taste of the new EP, check the stream below.

M.E.S.H. will be appearing at SHAPE’s Prague Museum Night on June 11 alongside KABLAM and TOLE, so if you’re in the area, prepare for an equally chin-stroking and ass-shaking night on the town.

Damaged Merc tracklist:

01. Damaged Merc
02. Follow & Mute
03. Kritikal Thirst
04. Victim Lord

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