M.E.S.H. (or whoever) usurps Robert Frost with announcement of new EP on Black Ocean

M.E.S.H. (or whoever) usurps Robert Frost with announcement of new EP on Black Ocean

Remove the following supposition from your brain: only well-known artists and/or labels can get away with announcing things in haiku. The Western world has taken an unusually rampant liking to this ancient form of Japanese poetry, but that doesn’t mean that its practicality is limited to the possible expanding of minds/brainwashing of K-12 students. A whopping three haiku (and barely anything more), in this case, were used to announce a new EP from prior PAN affiliate and Berlin-based producer James Whipple a.k.a. M.E.S.H. If you’re curious, the haiku read as follows:

stealth pilots speaking
in the upper atmosphere

I am being DAW
guiding a rogue missile
conscious entity

a cold black ocean
island with a landing strip
paint on ground says M.E.S.H

So, you know, resist the temptation to go to war, even if M.E.S.H’s prior Scythians EP did subtly motivate you to sharpen your bayonet. Infra-Dusk/Infra Dawn is out on Black Ocean February 9, and you can assume the presence of a club-inspired mindset, but not a club-inspired copying. Probably outside the norm, and probably a proper addition to the virginal label.

An old track from Scythians:

Infra-Dusk/Infra-Dawn tracklisting:

A1. Infra-Dusk
A2. Infra-Dawn

• M.E.S.H.: https://www.facebook.com/MXEXSXH

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