MHYSA moves to Hyperdub for new album NEVAEH, shares new single “Sanaa Lathan”

MHYSA moves to Hyperdub for new album NEVAEH, shares new single "Sanaa Lathan"

Sucks to your spell-checker.

The emphatically un-pin-down-able R&B sensation MHYSA is back to follow up her 2017 re-spelling of the word Fantasii with a brand new category-demolishing album set for release early next year.

She reportedly began work on NEVAEH (that’s “heaven” spelled backwards, you know) as soon as Fantasii was completed, and the new effort is being billed as an ” intimate reflection on the black femme experience from multiple vantage points, ranging from sex and sexuality, self-love and self-discovery, black empowerment and lineage, pleasure and lack of it,” is due February 14 via Hyperdub.

Concerning its departure from Fantasii, MHYSA writes: “I wanted to be more vulnerable with my tracks and experiment with vocal range…I wanted to write more complicated vocal melodies that would be harder for me to do.” Among these purposeful complications, Hyperdub cites “experiment[ing] with new techniques, live sounding digital instrumentation, playing keys, using her voice in new ways — much of which was self taught, in the tradition of the musicians in her family who came before her.”

But enough teasing and conventional spellings of words already! Listen to the brand new track “Sanaa Lathan” (which actually is somebody) down below right now — and head basically anywhere on the internet to pre-order NEVAEH WHENEVAEH is convenient for you.

NEVAEH tracklisting:

01. Opening Skit
02. Float
03. before the world ends
04. na na drift
05. when the saints (interlude)
06. sad slutty baby wants more from the world
07. ropeburn
08.w_me interlude
09. w_me
10. no freedom
11. breaker of chains
12. Sanaa Lathan
13. honey, sweetie, baby
14. bbugurl
15. brand nu
16. BELIEVE Interlude
17. no weapon formed against you shall prosper
18. when the saints (reprise)

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